We represent you in the Federal Court of Canada or Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)and at other Hearings and Appeals. We experienced in helping people for any appeal issue as   Federal Court or Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). People have right for appeal and for judicial review within a certain time limit.

Any kind of refusal or any complex situations as these are: 

» Spousal Sponsorship Refusals: Refusals happen when the visa officer may not believe the marriage or common law relationship is genuine. 

 Residency Appeals: When an Immigration Officer believes that a Permanent Resident has not met his/her Residency Obligations. In this case Humanitarian and Compassionate factors may be considered.

Skilled Worker Refusal: In some cases Skilled Workers applications can be refused due to inaccurate assessments of education, language skills, work experience, settlement funds or other factors due to poor documentation, or an unsuccessful interview.

Business Immigrants refusals: When an officer has determined that the applicant does not have required business experience or could not proof the evidence of proper fund that obtained in legal way. 

Entrepreneur Condition Removals: When an officer has determined that you could not manage the business in proper way or you didn’t invest properly within the 2 or 3 year time frame then you could be ordered deported. We can often negotiate and make an appeal on behalf of you for an extension of time to comply.

If you confront any of these circumstances and want to get a consultation for a removal or deportation and wish to discuss the refusal of an Immigration Application, please feel free to contact us.

» Medical Inadmissibility refusals: In the case of medical and inadmissibility refusals, usually an Immigration Officer determines the applicant would be a danger to public health or safety, or would cause undue demands on Canada’s health or social services. These decisions may be challenged, and there may be lying Humanitarian and Compassionate factors that should be considered in the appeal.

» Criminal Inadmissibility: When an Officer has determined that you have committed, or are likely to commit, particular criminal offences inside or outside of Canada, it is called criminally inadmissible. There are some ways for a person to overcome a finding of criminal inadmissibility. Humanitarian and Compassionate factors may be taken into consideration in an appeal. In these regards, we help people to overcome these binding.


We believe in the clear picture above you can match in case with your situation. For more in depth, contact us. 

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