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Todays Immigration and Legal Services is a home to provide better services to the valuable clients as we promised that every penny and seconds are too much important. We understand issues for what we pay high attention and full effort to make it.

We know reunion of a family is how much important to everyone. In calculation, we give the best effort to make it more easy and convenient to the clients. We put all our hard work equally to achieve the goal

We understand the point systems required to make the application to become eligible to the immigration process. We have knowledge, skilled, and practiced stuffs having a over many years experience in all regards we are providing of our services.  

We keep our promise as we do. Customers testimony is proudly enough to speak about us. We believe that we give our optimum focus to maintain our key responsibilities. 

TODAY’S IMMIGRATION AND LEGAL SERVICES is a team of legal and professional experts dedicated to helping people obtain a visa to Canada. Moving to a new country is an exciting chapter in one’s life, but the visa process can be an overwhelming experience. Choosing the proper visa, understanding the point system, and knowing how professions are assessed is a complicated matter if you are not familiar with the requirements. 

Our objective is to make your immigration to Canada and the application process as simple as possible by providing you with a professional assessment of your visa options and a group of certified professionals to help you through the visa application process.

Our rest of the services to the clients to the best way possible with authenticity. Today’s Immigration and Legal Services are now working with RCMP Fingerprinting for Police Clearance for the following purposes. 


Responsible for the future immigration dreams of our clients, we take our duty very seriously. Our immigration experts are properly trained in the latest customer service resolutions regarding visas to Canada and Canadian immigration policies as well as the practical solutions to support the needs of our customers. 

Our commitment is to provide you with a professional pre-assessment and to work with you on a blueprint in obtaining a visa to Canada. We will regularly communicate with you and update you on the status of your profile as well as what is happening with your visa application once it is submitted to the Canadian government.

Mr. Salauddin Ahmed is an interview, presenting in details information about the procedure and prospect of Canadian Immigration. 

Mr. Salauddin Ahmed is a lead consultant of Today’s Immigration. He has a more than a decade of experience in the filed. 

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